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Padded walls and the fruits of rigorous research

on June 5, 2014

Most people associate rooms with padded walls and no windows with the words lunatic asylum, funny farm, and possibly Renfield. I, however, dream of having my own small room with padded walls, ceiling and floor, and if I could put in a personal request, I’d like a skylight and for the lock on the door to be on the inside with me.

In this room, besides myself, I would put three items. As all fantasies have rules and regulations, there can only be three things in there with me. I’m assuming that silence does not count as one of those things, because I would definitely have silence: a rare and valuable commodity. I hope I don’t count as an object either, because I would like to bring in a hammock, a pillow and a blanket with me. Every once in a while, I plan on switching out the blanket for a book or my Kindle. But I’d always keep the hammock and the pillow.

This is all for therapeutic reasons, of course. The padded walls to make me feel safe and I kind of like the idea of literally bouncing off the walls and rolling on the floor without it hurting, and the hammock because of the health benefits.

Don’t believe me that hammocks have health benefits? Look no further. The Swiss scientific community has a made a study of them, see this great article. I have no idea who funded that research, but all I can say is, “Money well spent.” Unfortunately, I must have missed the call for volunteers when they needed people to sleep in swaying hammocks, so I’ll just have to reap the benefits of putting it to the test in my little padded room all to myself.

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3 responses to “Padded walls and the fruits of rigorous research

  1. angloswiss says:

    Of course, probably why I built a hammock into my room as well, great Swiss minds think alike. I am sure the idea comes from the ascent of the Eiger North Wall, they only had room for a hammock hung onto the rocky surface.

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